There was a challenge for government to relocate and resettle the people whose houses suffered either complete destruction or whose land was to be acquired completely or partially through implementation of Town Planning schemes.  Therefore government has proposed and planned three major relocation sites in three directions at the adjoining outskirt area of the walled city of Bhuj. The names of the three relocation sites are RTO, Mundra and Rawalwadi. All relocation sites are well planned with all basic infrastructural facilities like water supply, sewerage, road, electricity, etc. All sites have residential plots of different sizes ranging from 100 to 200 The provision of reserved land for health centres, primary school, open spaces, commercial centres has also been identified and established.

The choice of Relocation Sites

Name of the site Land Reserved for rehabilitation Land transferred for rehabilitation
Rawalwadi site 10,32,028 sq.m. 66,364 sq.m.
R.T.O. site 7,93,005 sq.m. 7,31,368 sq.m.
Mundra site 3,06,009 sq.m. 3,06,009 sq.m.

Allotment Figures as on 31st May 05

Name of the Site Total Plots Plots Allotted Construction Completed
Ravalwadi 1808 1708 1042
Mundra 1278 1180 607
R.T.O. 705 696 518
G.I.D.C. 280 280 165
TOTAL 3991 3864 2332

Mass Housing by NGOs

Sr. Name of Organisation Name of the sites given building permission No. of Structures made
1. Rotary Club Ravalwadi Relocation site 157
2. Caritas India Ravalwadi Relocation site 200
3. Gems & Jewellery Ravalwadi Relocation site 372
4. Kutch Yuvak Sangh Ravalwadi Relocation site 85
5. BAPS Mundra Relocation site 377
6. Abhiyan G.I.D.C. 280
7. Kovai Non Town Planning Area 42
8. Vardhman Nagar Non Town Planning Area 1125
9. Lions Club Non Town Planning Area 250
10. Noor Foundation Non Town Planning Area 200
11. Somaiya Nagar Non Town Planning Area 100
Total 2463